Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn Violently Crashes During Final Run of Her Career

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

After an extremely long and successful career, Lindsey Vonn has decided it is time for her to retire from the sport she loves so much: ski racing. However, before she hangs it up for good she decided to compete one more time.

"Legendary skier Lindsey Vonn suffered a dramatic crash Tuesday during the final Super-G event of her career, hitting a gate mid-air and ending up in the safety nets at the world championships in Sweden," reported Fox News.

Sadly, Lindsey's final run did not go as planned. She violently crashed while racing down the ski hill. The incident occurred in Sweden at a competition. Lindsey simply miscalculated one maneuver during her run.

"After skiing through a gate, the panel fitted between the two poles detached and became stuck on Vonn's boots. When she hit the ground, she slid downhill face first, using her hands to keep her head from hitting the snow. Vonn came to a stop when she hit the safety netting," wrote Fox.

Watch the video below:

Thankfully, Vonn is reportedly doing great. She is said to be "fine" after first responders rushed to help her. She was checked out by medical professionals and was lucky to walk away from the crash.

Vonn had previously opened up about her decision to retire from the sport just a few days ago. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

“The reason why I decided to retire is because I can’t ski the way I want to ski anymore,” she said on Monday, according to Reuters. “I think I can maybe pull something off here at the World Championships, my last races, but to consistently train and race my knees are just not able to handle it anymore."

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