ALERT: America's Most Popular Flour Brand Recalled Over Harmful Contamination

January 24, 2019Jan 24, 2019

Consumers are being warned about a new recall that will affect most people around the nation. General Mills has recalled some of their flour! 

According to Fox News, General Mills is recalling their Gold Medal unbleached flour. According to 2018 statistics, Gold Medal flour is the most popular flour brand in the U.S. by a long stretch. Now, it is being recalled.

The recall is over fears of salmonella contamination. Thankfully, the company said that no illnesses have been reported as a direct correlation to the recall. 

The company wrote, "This recall is being issued out of an abundance of care as General Mills has not received any direct consumer reports of confirmed illnesses related to this product."

The recall covers Gold Medal unbleached flour with a better-if-used-by date of April 20, 2020. The flour comes in five-pound bags. 

Jim Murphy, the president of General Mills Meals and Baking Division, wrote, "Food safety is our top priority, and though we have not had any confirmed illnesses, we are voluntarily recalling this specific lot of Gold Medal unbleached flour to prevent potential illnesses."

The company has advised consumers who have purchased this item to dispose of it. They said that the recall is out of an abundance of caution, but the fear of salmonella contamination is enough of a reason to use caution. 

Salmonella can cause serious infections, which could potentially be fatal. It is especially dangerous in children or the elderly, or others with weakened immune systems. Some symptoms include fever, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Do you use this kind of flour or have friends or family members who do? Make sure to share this information with them in order to look out for everyone's safety! In other recent news, the First Couple just celebrated their wedding anniversary. See Melania's glamorous, $100k wedding gown!

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