God Works Miracles On World's Smallest Baby

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

At just 26 weeks old and considered by some to be the smallest premature baby to ever be born, Baby Emilia was delivered. Weighing only 8 ounces, doctors had worried she wasn't receiving proper nutrition in the womb and decided to deliver her by caesarean section.


Emilia’s parents told reporters there was no question they were going to give their child a chance at life, even if odds for survival were low. The chance at life, coupled with God's grace and never ending prayers, has allowed Emilia to grow to nearly 106 ounces as she approaches her 9 month birthday celebration, a day her parents didn't know if they would ever see.

While Emilia has endured many surgeries and her road of life has been hammered with hair-pin turns and potholes, the baby girl continues to beat the odds. Due to her extremely premature birth, Emilia is susceptible to many illnesses and had increased risks of learning difficulties. However, according to Fox News, she has shown no signs of any serious disability and is continuing to amaze doctors.

This story is yet another example at what God can do when the gift of life is given in seemingly impossible circumstances.