God Uses Eight Year Old Boy To Work A MIRACLE!

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March 08, 2017Mar 08, 2017

A family in Idaho almost suffered a tragic accident, when father Stephen Parker suddenly became crushed by a car, according to Fox News.

He and his two sons, Mason (17) and J.T. (8), were working on a car in the garage when it unexpectedly came down on top of Stephen.

At the time the father got crushed by the car, the younger son was the only one on scene at the time. He quickly responded by jacking up the car off of his father.

J.T. mentioned his strength came from angels [especially since this life or death situation was the only time the little boy has been able to move the jack]. J.T. then immediately ran to get his older brother so he could call 911.

This accident should have been fatal, but God used this young child to perform a miracle in saving his dad’s life!

If God can use an eight year old boy, he surely is using YOU!

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