God's Judgment Begins To Fall On Abortion Leaders In A Major Way

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February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

When we watched New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (a professing Catholic) smiling as he signed the bill that would let full-term babies be killed on their due dates, we were stunned. When we heard Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (a "moderate" and pediatrician) heartily defend the ability to kill babies while in the birth canal during labor--and even after delivery--we were mortified. Repulsed. Depressed. But also angry.

Where is the judgment for the wicked? For those that would go after the most helpless and vulnerable--and celebrate it with pink lights across his New York state? God's judgment is a mysterious thing. The Bible says that we will all be judged for what we do on earth; but sometimes that judgment comes quickly, and sometimes it is delayed. And then there is also the fortunate issue of God's grace through Jesus' sacrifice.

So, it is hard to know where the following two events fit, but we are grateful that in these recent circumstances, it is not going well for the wicked. Days after Gov. Northam strongly defended a bill that would put no limits on when a baby could be aborted (the legislator proposing the bill, Democratic State Delegate Kathy Tran, answered "My bill would allow that. Yes." When asked if a mother could ask for an abortion while dilating), photos were uncovered of Northam in racist attire in his medical school yearbook.

In what is seen as a terribly botched PR job, Northam first admitted to and apologized for the yearbook photo, which showed a man in a KKK costume and another wearing blackface (he didn't say which was him). Then, hours later, Northam denied being in the photo at all, refusing the nationwide calls from both parties to resign.

While he is still refusing the overwhelming call to step down, it is quite clear that his political career is trashed. Though he is clinging to his second version (that he wasn't in the yearbook photo), Northam did admit to dressing in blackface on a separate occasion to depict Michael Jackson.

Northam was skewered by late night comedians, with Stephen Colbert imitating Northam: “I am very sorry for what I did. Oh, you still want me to resign? I mean I did not do it.” Similarly, Trevor Noah mocked on the Daily Show: “Yo, this guy’s a legend. I’m sorry," he said, trying not to laugh. "Although it does make it more believable that it wasn’t him in the photo, because who would defend themselves by admitting to a different crime? ‘Your honor, I couldn’t be the Boston Strangler. Because I’m the Philadelphia Strangler! Go, Eagles! Ahh!’ ”

Now, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing tough times, just weeks after his gleeful signing of the due-date abortion bill. News just broke that the state is facing a $2.3 billion tax-revenue deficit, landing the state in major debt. Cuomo is blaming a republican tax initiative that taxed the state's wealthy, prompting them to move or file taxes out of state.

“[Capping] SALT was an economic civil war,” Cuomo said on Monday, referring to the State and Local Tax deduction. “It literally restructured the economy to help red states at the cost of blue states. That’s exactly what it did. It was a diabolical, political maneuver.”

Cuomo will have to do some serious budget cuts to keep the state above water. “We have some of the soundest financial footing this state has ever had,” Cuomo said. “But we must maintain that, and if we know there’s a cut, we’re going to have to take that cut into account when we do this budget and it has to change.”

Cuomo's worst fear (which is being partially realized) is that the rich, whom he depends upon, would leave his state. “I don’t believe [in] raising taxes on the rich. That would be the worst thing to do. You would just expand the shortfall,” he said. “God forbid if the rich leave.”

Well God forbid babies die innocently in your state, Governor Cuomo. The same goes for you, Governor Northam. Both Governors' days may be limited, especially Northam. And whether or not it is God's direct judgment on their pro-abortion laws, we do not know. But we would be glad to see them go.

What do you think about the recent negative events impacting these governors who have just flagrantly taunted God by allowing babies to be murdered? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments! Thank you!