GM Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles, Check Yours and Stay Safe

November 07, 2018Nov 07, 2018

One of the world's most famous automative manufacturers is dealing with a big issue this week. According to reports, GM is now recalling nearly 2 million vehicles.

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into a windshield-wiper problem that affects many more of General Motors' Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain models from older and newer model years in addition to those from 2013, which were already recalled in 2016," reported Yahoo.

GM is adding 367,808 crossovers to their recall lists, making the grand total 1.7 million recalled vehicles. Apparently, the faulty windshield wipers can cause issues for drivers. As we approach the winter months, windshield wipers are being used more and more. They are extremely important to keep drivers safe in rain and snow.

"The agency said it has received at least 249 owner complaints through November 2, including at least 108 from this year alone. Another 1.7 million cars in the U.S. could be recalled if NHTSA concludes that 2010–2012 and 2014–2016 models have the same faulty wipers. The 2017 model is also part of the same generation but not under NHTSA investigation," according to the report.

This recall is very important. Please join us in spreading the world and keeping your friends and family safe during this busy holiday travel season.

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