Glenn Beck's Hard-Hitting Comments On Trump Not Participating In Tonight's Debate

January 28, 2016Jan 28, 2016

"Megyn should be flattered."

Those are radio talk show host Glenn Beck's words on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump's battle with the Fox News debate moderator and his decision to not participate in tonight's Republican debate. Trump has been in a battle with Fox over their selection of Megyn Kelly as a moderator. Kelly and Trump are in the midst of a feud over a question Kelly posed about Trump's treatment of women. Trump claims Kelly is biased against him, and he has called her a "lightweight reporter."


Beck believes Trump is, plain and simple, a bully. And Kelly should be flattered because bullies go after the strongest first.

On his website, Beck wrote, "Donald Trump is a bully and like all bullies he is afraid of people who are actually strong and truly self-confident. Megyn asked a fair question in the first debate five months ago. He wanted to teach everyone in the press to fear him. Fox did not fold and no matter how many hosts kiss his ring on air, unless and until Megyn folds or is fired he will not stop."

Do you agree with Beck?