Glenn Beck Announces Sad News

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

Glenn Beck just announced some sad news. It appears that his most recent media endeavor, The Blaze, isn't going a well as he hoped. As a result, Beck will be getting rid of 20% of his staff, as the beginning of an effort to re-shuffle the organization of his new company. As the media industry undergoes massive changes, Beck sees this as the only way to keep pace with competition.


"Today, we said goodbye to just over 20 percent of the combined workforce of Mercury Radio Arts and the Blaze,” Beck said in a statement Thursday according to Fox News.

Beck continued, "We are losing a lot of talented and committed colleagues, who are some of the best human beings I know  —  some have been friends of mine for 30 years.”

Beck, 53, announced that the Blaze is struggling due to lack of distribution deals with major cable companies. The layoffs come one day after Fox News Channel announced the hiring of former Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren as a contributor.

The Blaze was significantly hurt in 2017 after Glenn Beck had a dispute with former contributor Tomi Lahren. The controversy occurred after Lahren appeared on ABC's "The View" in March and announce that she was pro-choice. As a result of the appearance, Glenn Beck, a Mormon, fired Lahren, who was perhaps the most popular personality on the Blaze. 

In breaking news, a Hollywood actor and Trump ally just died after a long illness.  

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