Girl with Cerebral Palsy Does the Impossible, Stuns the Crowd at Her Graduation

June 09, 2018Jun 09, 2018

When she was born, doctors told the parents of Lexi Wright that she would not live much longer. Later, they told her that she would never walk again. In Ohio, at her graduation, she did the impossible by proving all her doubters wrong again.

“It was a total surprise,” said Dede Tyner-Wright, Lexi’s mother, describing what she witnessed at her graduation in Ohio. “She wanted to surprise her family and make us proud of her.”

She added, “She had that determination in her.”

To a standing ovation, Lexi left her wheelchair and walked across the stage to receive her diploma. Her graduation was the culmination of a lifetime of intensive training and preparation as she learned to use a walker, according to CBS News

Wright had seen her daughter defy every obstacle placed before her, living in open defiance of her condition. Her determination meant that her family had to make sacrifices for everyone around her—not only for Lexi, but for her mom as well.

Wright had to leave her job so that she could have the time to provide full-time attention to her daughter. Much of that time was taken up with constant appointments with specialists.

"There's so many parents out there that if their child has a disability they wanna give it away," Wright said. "I never gave up— never have, never will."

The question weighing on many peoples’ minds is where will she go from here? Her mother isn’t certain, either.

“Everyone’s trying to talk her into going to college,” said Wright. “Maybe now that she’s done that she can believe more in herself to make it through college—and of course, she’s like her momma, loves to travel, so that might be in the agenda too.”

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