Equality Driven Girl Scouts Causing Confusion After Cookie Boxes Feature Topless Celebrity

February 22, 2019Feb 22, 2019

The Girl Scouts of America are making headlines after one girl's decisions to add something special to her boxes of cookies. Now, critics are lashing out at the organization.

"Charlotte Holmberg, a Colorado fifth-grader and mini marketing genius, came up with a clever way to capitalize on Aquaman star Jason Momoa by pasting his thirst-trap shirtless pic onto 35 Samoa cookie boxes, turning them into 'Momoas.' It started off as an 'inside joke with her friends and family,' Girl Scouts of the USA said, but it worked like a charm. Charlotte immediately sold all her boxes," reported Elle.

Many people called out the hypocrisy of the tactic. The organization, which supports Planned Parenthood and abortions but claims to support women, doesn't seem to have a problem with using a topless man to sell their products.

Many questioned the organization and called out the hypocrisy that would have sent the internet into a firestorm should a boy have used an attractive woman to sell products in the Boy Scouts. Twitter exploded with comments.

"Charlotte had some help from her mom, a marketing professional, who first came up with the idea to repackage the cookies. Together, the mother-daughter duo promoted the boxes on social media, and suddenly, everyone was eager for a taste," according to reports.

The issue raised a lot of concerns from people who called the action degrading to men. It also raised concerns about copyright infringement policies, since Jason Momoa didn't consent to having his picture displayed on the boxes.

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