Girl KICKED OUT Of School After Parents Reject Same-Sex Ed Course

April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

R.B. Sinclair of Denver, Colorado was kicked out of her school after her parents objected to the same-sex book the teacher was reading to the class as part of the school's "anti-bias curriculum."

The age of this student who was being taught to accept homosexuality as natural and desirable? Four.


According to Christianity Today, R.B.'s parents complained to the preschool, but the school district's director of early childhood education Kim Bloemen said, "Biases start as kids get older and start to see differences as negative. At a young age, kids are exploring all different kinds of things. It's about just providing them with all these experiences."

Furthermore, a letter sent from the school to parents slyly promotes acceptance of gay lifestyles by stating: "Begin to Embrace the Unknown. Look for books that are very different from your own family and personal experience, but that you know are the experiences of other families in your school or neighbourhood [sic] or other circles of connection."

R.B.'s mother was shocked when her 4-year-old came home and wondered aloud if her daddy was going to start loving men instead of her mommy.

Shortly after R.B.'s parents complained to the principal, her parents were told that their daughter was no longer a good fit for the school. They've been teaching her at home since.