Ginger From Gilligan’s Island See Her Now At 87

Gilligan’s IslandThis sitcom is beloved by its characters, who are still loved and remembered years later. Unfortunately, only one of the cast members is still around today. Tina LouiseGinger, played by, on the hit show. 

The 87-year old is still going strong

The actress appeared at The Museum of Modern Art to open Ugo Tognazzi: Tragedies of an Irresponsible Man Retrospective. The then 85-year old actress looked stylish in a purple dress and black boots. 

It’s been over 50 years since Gilligan’s Island stopped airing, but Louise’s career is still going strong. The actress became a mother and grandmother while continuing to appear on TV and in movies. After Gilligan’s IslandLouise starred as Louise in projects that included The Wrecking Crew, The Stepford Wives, Dallas. Her most recent role was in 2019’s film Tapestry

She’s also written books, including a memoir. She was published in 1997. Sunday: A Memoir details the actress’ first eight years. “Well, you know I had a very unusual childhood,” she told Authority Magazine2019 “I wrote a book about my first eight years called Sunday. I also have the beginnings for a script. I’ve always wanted to make a movie of it.” She explained of her upbringing, “I lived with a lot of different cousins and aunts and strangers and so forth and so on.”

Louise is dedicated to getting kids interested in reading, so it makes sense that she would also write children’s books. When I Grow upIt was published in 2007. What does a Bee Do? She was born in 2009. She’s also volunteered to host events where she reads aloud to children in her New York City home. 

Is she regretting her time? Gilligan’s Island?

Louise was not a main cast member. Gilligan’s IslandMany have wondered if she holds less-than-fond memories of her time working on the show. Many believe she regrets her time on the show because she didn’t appear in any reunion movies. 

“Never true – I loved doing my part,” she said in a 2020 interview with the New York Post, “especially after they really started writing for my character, originally billed as a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ type of character. A different director took over and really started to write for my character.”

“We brought a lot of joy to people and still do,” she continued. “This show is an escape from so many things going on. Fathers now share it with their kids. I get letters all the time about that.”

Tina Louise wearing a purple dress adn black boots
(Getty Images)

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