German Man Claims To Be Prince Charles’ Older Brother

Could the royal family be adding another member? A German man is claiming that he’s the long-lost brother of Prince Charlesa product of an affair between Prince Philip and a Nazi soldier’s German wife. 

German Man Claims Prince Philip is His Real Father

In 2005, the book: Tommy BoyGunther focke shared his story, claiming that the illegitimate son of a German barmaid married to Gunther Focke and the British officer who would marry Queen Elizabeth later on was his true love child. 

After learning “the truth” about his father, Focke was determined to be acknowledged by Philip and the rest of the royals. Buckingham Palace threatened Focke to silence him, he says. “I don’t want to hurt the Royal family,” Focke wrote in his book. “But I need some sense of closure and I won’t get it until Prince Philip admits he’s my father.”

Focke claims the palace refused to cooperate for a DNA test. However, his resemblance with Charles is enough proof. “I even have the same ears as him,” Focke said. “I don’t think anyone could doubt my claims once they see these photos.” While Philip was still alive, Focke said, “I could get a sample of his hair illicitly. But that would be very unfair because all I want is for him to come out and say he is my father.”

The Wartime Relationship

In his book, Focke revealed the details of Philip and his mother’s relationship. In 1945, Philip allegedly seduced Focke’s mother, Marie-Karoline. Philip was at the time the first lieutenant aboard a destroyer named HMS Whelp. The ship’s log corroborates Focke’s claim that the prince was in Germany, showing that Philip was there at the time of the supposed relationship. Marie-Karoline’s husband, a Nazi soldier named Herrmann, was missing in action and presumed dead. The Fockes had two daughters together. 

Marie-Karoline fell pregnant three months after war in Europe ended. While Philip continued to visit Germany and see Elizabeth, she was unaware of the fact that he was also courting Elizabeth. Following Focke’s birth, the prince reportedly even tried to persuade Marie-Karoline to let him take the baby back to England. 

According to Focke, his mother didn’t know he was already engaged to Elizabeth, but refused to let Philip take Focke. She never saw him again. They received regular packages of food from England, but it is impossible to prove that Philip sent them. 

Focke endured violent attacks from his mother’s husband, Herrmann, who was not dead, but a POW. He was also mercilessly teased by the other children for being a “Tommy Boy” – an illegitimate child fathered by British soldiers. 

‘I Have A Right To Know Who My Father Really Is’

Focke didn’t find out “the truth” about his father until 1994 when his grandmother told him on the way to his mother’s funeral. “I vowed to meet him in an attempt to understand my own true identity,” said Focke. The palace kept denying Focke access to their private secretary, Brigadier Miles Hunt-Davis, making veiled threats and repeatedly blowing him off. In 1995, he finally met with the Duke’s private secretary, Brigadier Miles Hunt-Davis, who claimed Philip wasn’t in Germany when Focke’s mother became pregnant. 

“My only aim has always been public acknowledgment of my father’s identity,” insisted Focke who moved to England in the 1960s. “I don’t want to hurt the royal family – but I have a right to know who my father really is,” he wrote in his book. Focke may never find out the truth about his father’s identity, as evident by the recent passing of Prince Philip.