Georgia's New Law: Deny Your Faith, Or ELSE...

March 30, 2016Mar 30, 2016


There are some laws that dramatically change things. This is one of them, though it may not be portrayed that way by the media. News outlets and politicians are championing Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's decision to toss out the religious liberties protection bill as "a step forward for tolerance" and so on. But in fact, he has opened the door for pastors and religious institutions (like churches and schools) to be under major fire.

Here, conservative blogger Matt Walsh explains what happened with the bill. As you will tell, he is passionate.


You can read Walsh's full article at The Blaze.

Some possible scenarios would look like this: a gay man wants to be hired as a church youth group's leader; if he is not hired, he could sue. Or a gay couple comes to a Christian church demanding they be married in the church by the pastor. If the pastor refuses, he could face huge fines. Or who knows...maybe jail will eventually be in the equation.

The point is: this is a game-changer for America. The country will look to Governor Deal's example and cower in fear of the LGBT community. Christians will begin to have their rights dramatically threatened.

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