Georgia Legalizes Intolerance, Governor VETOES Religious Freedom

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March 28, 2016Mar 28, 2016

The governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, caved in to progressive pressure on Monday when he turned his back on people of all faiths in his state and vetoed HB 757 which would have protected religious people from being forced to participate in events that directly conflict with their faith.

According to Fox News, governor Deal threw Georgia’s faithful citizens under the bus in order to appease several companies who threatened to discriminate against the state if the governor didn’t veto the bill. 

The National Football League alluded to discrimination by threatening Atlanta’s bid to host the Super Bowl.  Other large companies joined in the anti-religion discrimination; Coca Cola, Netflix, Apple, Time Warner, Disney and Marriott all threw their weight behind the push to suppress religious freedom.

“Our actions on HB 757 are not just about protecting the faith-based community or providing a business-friendly climate for job growth in Georgia,” governor Deal said. “This is about the character of our state and the character of it’s people.”

Deal was right. His actions were not about protecting the faith based community, they were about protecting corporate interests.

“It’s open season on people of faith in our state,” State Senator Josh McKoon said. “It’s a slap in the face to conservatives, to evangelicals and to the broader faith community.”