You'll Never Believe What Celebrity Was Just Caught Urinating on President Trump's Hollywood Star

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

President Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure since the moment he declared he was running for the Oval Office. Early on in his campaign, President Trump cut his ties with the liberal media and Hollywood critics.

Many outspoken celebrities have continued to bash him any chance they get. Many famous individuals have taken to Twitter to criticize his recent policies and advocate for his impeachment.

However, one celebrity just did something that took it way over the line. George Lopez, the famed comedian, was just photographed "urinating" on President Trump's Hollywood Walk-of-Fame star.

"The comedian -- who has made no bones about his beef with the Prez -- was in Hollywood Tuesday and coincidentally found himself right in front of Trump's star on the Walk of Fame. After chatting up fans, George decided to unload his water bottle a la fake pee on Trump's marker," reported TMZ.

The act was extremely disrespectful to President Trump and to the office of the Presidency. Please join us in praying that our nation would be unified and work together under President Trump.

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