George HW Bush Releases Statement, Health Update from Hospital Bed

May 03, 2018May 03, 2018

At the end of April, former president George HW Bush, 93, was rushed to the hospital over health concerns. As reported earlier, doctors discovered that he had a life-threatening blood infection and was initially in the Intensive Care Unit.

Fortunately, Bush was eventually moved out of the ICU. Treatment also appeared to be going well since he was confirmed to be in “good spirits,” stated CNN.

On Thursday morning, May 3rd, Bush released a statement from the hospital via social media. In his personal statement, he told the public that he is awaiting the “green light” from the hospital staff then he will head home.

"Quite moved by this announcement by Houston Methodist Hospital. The atrium is beautiful,” the former president said referring to a new atrium at the hospital being named after his beloved wife — former first lady Barbara Bush — who passed away in mid-April.

“But recent developments notwithstanding I have not taken up residence here,” Bush assured. “The doctors, nurses and support staff are so nice, but the second I get the green light I'm outta here."

Please continue to pray for George HW Bush as he is released from the hospital and continues his recovery! In other news, sad news was recently reported about Barron Trump; Trump’s supporters are furious.

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