World Famous Athlete, Household Name in Mourning After Tragic Death of Daughter

March 09, 2019Mar 09, 2019

The sad news was just reported that George Foreman’s daughter, Freeda, has passed away. Freeda, who was a professional boxer after following in her dad’s footsteps, died at the age of 42.

Sadly, initial reports indicate that Freeda took her own life. Her body was found in her home by a family member. According to TMZ, cops are waiting for a report from the coroner’s office releasing the official cause of death.

Freeda began boxing professionally in 2000. Following in the talented footsteps of her father, she won her first five fights. In 2001, Freeda lost for the first time in 2001. Following her loss, she retired.

According to TMZ, Freeda’s father, George, paid her to quit as he wasn’t happy that she was fighting in the ring.

Freeda is one of George’s 12 children. He has seven daughters, five biological and two adopted. Additionally, he has five sons, all of whom are reportedly named George.

Freeda is survived by her husband and daughter, as well as her parents and siblings.

Please be praying for Freeda’s family during this sad time. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, see the scary moment that a vehicle crashed yards away from the presidential motorcade.