Major Update After George Clooney Rushed to the ER from Harmful Scooter Accident

July 10, 2018Jul 10, 2018

News was just reported that mega-famous actor George Clooney was involved in a scooter accident in Italy. After being hit by a car, he was rushed to a local hospital. Now, a major update has been given regarding his hospitalization.

According to People, the accident took place last Tuesday at around 8:15 a.m. local time. The 57-year-old was driving on his scooter when a car reportedly did not "respect the right of way" and rammed straight into him. 

The accident took place on the state road to Costa Corallina. After Clooney was thrust off of the scooter, an ambulance was immediately called and he was taken to John Paul II Hospital.

Thankfully, the actor suffered relatively minor injuries. According to local media stations, Clooney suffered "a slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm."

Now, major news has been given. Thankfully, the actor has been discharged from the hospital! Local officer Alberto Cicognani told the local news outlet that Clooney would be "fine."

USA Today noted that Clooney has been in Italy to film a limited series for Hulu called "Catch-22." The show is based on the 1961 Joseph Heller novel and the 1970 film. 

Please be praying for Clooney as he continues to recover from his injuries. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, Franklin Graham just unleashed fiery words over Trump's SCOTUS pick.

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