Terrifying Footage Shows George Clooney Thrown '20 Feet' in Air During Car Crash

July 11, 2018Jul 11, 2018

On Tuesday, July 10, news emerged that famous Hollywood star George Clooney had been in a scary scooter accident last week. The accident took place while he was in Italy filming for his new show.


According to reports, Clooney was driving on his scooter at around 8:15 a.m. local time when a car reportedly did not "respect the right of way" and rammed into him. Clooney was thrust off the scooter and rushed to the hospital. 


Thankfully, the 57-year-old only suffered minor injuries and was able to be discharged from the hospital relatively quickly. He suffered a "slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm."


Now, the scary footage from the accident has been revealed. Below is the footage where viewers can see Clooney flying a reported 20 feet into the air after hitting the car's windshield (actual moment starts at 11 seconds):


After the accident, Clooney's spokesperson released a statement. They said that the actor would be fine and would recover at home.


What do you think about this footage?! Thankfully, Clooney will be just fine! In other recent news, a famous reporter just announced her divorce after 20 years of marriage.

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