George Clooney Explains Why He’s Stepping Away from Acting

November 08, 2017Nov 08, 2017

Speaking to The Sunday Times earlier this month, George Clooney said that acting is no longer a priority for him, and that he’s ready to take a break from it.

“Look, I acted for a long time,” he said, “and, you know, I’m 56. I’m not the guy that gets the girl anymore. I shouldn’t be the guy that gets the girl.”

But there’s another reason, reported Fox News. And it isn’t because he’s reached the acme of his filmmaking career. 

Sharing that if there was ever a role similar to Paul Newman in “The Verdict,” he’d jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat. But the majority of roles seemingly are uninteresting to Clooney.

“There aren’t that many like that,” he said. “Acting used to be how I paid the rent, but I sold a tequila company for a billion [expletive] dollars. I don’t need money.”

Clooney was referring to his tequila brand Casamigos, which he owns with businessman Rande Gerber and real estate mogul Mike Meldeman. In June, they sold their brand only four years after starting it, according to Sarah Palin News

Now that Clooney is sound financially, he shared that he can now pick and choose the kinds of movies that he wants to endorse, the movies he wants to make, rather than having to lobby and claw to get them made. Or, if he chooses, to walk away from the silver screen altogether.

“I have money,” Clooney said. “So I can fight to make movies I want to make. If you look at what I’ve been in over the past 15 years, for the most part they weren’t going to get made if I didn’t do them. Nobody was going to make ‘Good Night, and Good Luck,’ ‘Michael Clayton’ or ‘Up in the Air,’ and I fought to get those out there.”

Some of rumored that he might turn to politics. Clooney admitted that the venture has interested him at times, but he’s not ready to pursue a political career at this time.

“So many people since Trump was elected have really been pushing on me to get more involved in actual politics, specifically at the highest office,” he said. “I don’t have political aspirations.”

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