George And Amal Clooney Allegedly Sleeping In Separate Rooms Amid Marital Disputes, Anonymous Source Claims

Are You George Amal ClooneyAre you considering splitting up? According to one report, marital problems have led to the Clooneys living in separate bedrooms. Gossip Cop investigates.

George Clooney’s ‘Deal Breaker’

According to the GlobeGeorge Clooney and Amal Clooney have been sleeping apart. Friends worry that the separation could lead to a breakdown in the marriage. A source says, “Their friends don’t think separate sleeping arrangements are a good thing for any marriage and are urging George to fix it fast.”

Why are they so far apart? George is a terrible snorer, according to some sources. When he’s not snoring, an insider says he’s “a very restless sleeper. Amal is tired that George keeps her up at night, tossing and turning throughout the night. It’s gotten unbearable.” George’s newest bad habit is falling asleep to podcasts. Amal is furious that George leaves them listening to podcasts all night. A source concludes, “They’re at a standstill and have taken to sleeping apart so they don’t argue.”

What’s Going On With The Clooneys?

Let’s imagine this story is true. It’s not, but let’s pretend it is. How could a outlet so disreputable be? Globe know what George Clooney’s bedtime routine is? Presumably, only Amal would know about the podcast and why would she tell this tabloid. 

Did you also notice the tabloid using every bad sleeping example it could? It’s not enough for George to snore; he’s apparently also restless and doesn’t know how to set a timer on his podcasts. This is ridiculous.

It’s helpful to remember that these two aren’t quite newlyweds. They were engaged in 2014. The couple has at least eight years of combined experience sleeping together. Why would snoring suddenly become such a problem? George regularly sings Amal’s praises. Despite many divorce rumors, the couple appears to be in complete peace.

Other Clooney Family Myths

The GlobeIt is rapidly becoming the place that calls for divorce. It promised George that he would leave his wife and children behind after a difficult marriage. This story goes conspicuously unmentioned in the snoring story since they’re totally irreconcilable with one another. Both are bogus.

Gossip Cop also busted its story about George getting “trapped in quarantine hell,” for it had no hard evidence. His lifestyle isn’t driving Amal away either. If anything, George’s “wanderlust” would keep things interesting. George Clooney and Amal Clooney seem to be doing just fine. This story should not be ignored. It’s more of the same from a clueless outlet.