Genius Trick To Actually Get Kids To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Some adults and children can get restless on Christmas Eve because of the anticipation of Christmas morning. Many children are excited about the prospect of Christmas presents, holiday parties, and seeing relatives they haven’t seen in a while. (And, yes, maybe they’ve indulged in a few more treats than normal.)

Although every child is different, most children thrive when they have a consistent routine. Knowing what to expect makes kids feel more secure. Plus, having clear communication and expectations from their caregivers is essential in making sure they know what’s coming up next.

There are times when holidays can be chaotic and routines are disrupted. We’ve all been there. However, keeping kids in “the know” and attempting to keep as much of a normal routine as possible will likely help with the sleep situation when nighttime falls. But what if you need to help your child fall asleep on Christmas Eve?

The Genius Trick to Better Sleep 

Yes, it is important to maintain your daily routine. Your child will be more rested if they do not get enough physical activity and screen time before bed.

Experts at however, The Dozy OwlSharing that a small amount of alcohol before bed can help your kids catch more sleep. Depending on your child’s preference, You can help your sleep by drinking warm milk, cherry juice, hot chocolate, or herbal Tea.

The Science Behind The ‘Trick’

These claims have been supported by several scientific studies. One study claimed that drinking tart cherry juice had “modest beneficial effects on sleep in older adults with insomnia.” However, this study did not claim to generalize that to younger populations. We think it’s worth a try. However, if your kids aren’t into tart cherries, or your local store doesn’t carry it, other more practical drinks could work too.

Another recent example study claimed that a protein in cow’s milk, when combined with an enzyme in our stomachs, creates a peptide called CTH that is both stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing. A warm glass of milk could be the solution and help to create a fun holiday tradition.

Reduce Stress

Holidays can be stressful. Even though we don’t mean to, our children can become stressed out. A cup of hot chocolate can help ease stress and help kids sleep better. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. 2020 studyNatural cocoa was said to improve disordered sleep and have beneficial effects on insomnia

A cup of herbal tea or decaf could have a calming effect. A small cup of warm chamomile tea might help your child to fall asleep if he or she is old enough. You could also try adding a little honey to the chamomile tea. according to one study. Generally, children over two can enjoy a cuppa, but to be safe, check with your child’s pediatrician first!

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