Genetically Engineered Humans May Happen Sooner Than You Think

November 15, 2015Nov 15, 2015

Ever seen the 1997 movies "Gattaca," which takes place in a future where genetically engineered humans are the norm and "natural born" babies are rare and considered inferior?


According to The Telegraph, the future could be much closer than you think. Starting with people older than infants, the U.S. company Editas Medicine is hoping to began human trials for editing genetic codes within the next two years.

Editas' methods would allow them to "correct" genetic conditions like hereditary diseases. It could be applied to children to "edit out" mutated genes before they cause permanent, life-altering damage to a child's physical abilities.

Gene editing, however, is currently illegal in the U.S., so the company would have to be granted special permission. Critics also worry about the modified genetic code being passed down to offspring as well as the temptation for scientists to create "designer babies."

Is this messing with God's creation, or do you think it is an exciting possibility for reversing hereditary diseases?