Gen Z Is Using Magic Erasers To Whiten Teeth, According To Tiktok Trend

TikTok is a world I don’t understand because I was born in wrong decade. More often than not, the viral videos on the site leave this Gen X’er perplexed. I will admit that there are times when a Gen Z platform post has a delicious recipe or a useful hack. This is not one of those times.

Move over Tide Pod challenge, because the latest horrifying trend is coming in hot with the help of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

TikTok’s DIWHY trend involves the use of a Magic Eraser to whiten your teeth at home. Yes, that is correct. The kids are using a cleaning product–that was designed to remove tough stains from your bathtub and stove–to whiten their teeth.

The Magic Eraser Claim

In a video posted on Heather DunnThe Tiktoker claimed that her bright, white smile was what made her stand out. She said that some of her biggest compliments came from her dentist, who praised her “strong and healthy” teeth.

Then, she shared her three-step process for how she gets that “squeaky clean” grill. She began by explaining that she doesn’t use fluoride and does oil pulling. Then, she revealed that she finishes her teeth cleaning by wiping her pearly whites with a small amount of Magic Eraser.

Is a Magic Eraser safe to use on teeth?

Before we deconstruct Dunn’s claims about fluoride and oil pulling, let’s first answer the biggest question on everyone’s mind–is it safe to use a Magic Eraser on your teeth? According to an oral healthcare expert Dr. Maha YakobThe answer is a big, no.

“Melamine foam (the main ingredient in a Magic Eraser) is made of formaldehyde, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers to be carcinogenic. It’s highly toxic if ingested, inhaled, and [potentially dangerous via] any other form of direct contact,” Dr. Yakob explained to Shape.

“There have been reported cases of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and respiratory tract infections” among people who have had direct contact with formaldehyde.

Fluoride = Strong Teeth

Dunn claims she avoids fluoride in her dentistry routine, but there isn’t any scientific evidence to support her claim that it contributes to her white smile. Science proves the contrary.

“We lead with scientific facts, and fluoride is actually a key ingredient for having strong teeth and in line with American Dental Association recommendations,” Dr. Yakob said.

She explained that when fluoride—a natural mineral—enters the mouth and mixes with the ions in saliva, the enamel actually absorbs it.

“Once it’s in the enamel, fluoride pairs up with calcium and phosphate to create a powerful and strong defense system, helping to remineralize any early cavities and keep them from progressing.”

What is Oil Pulling?

Jar of coconut oil with various oral hygiene utensils.

Oil pulling is a popular trend. This involves swirling small amounts of olive, coconut or sesame oil around in your mouth for several minutes. This will clean your teeth of harmful bacteria and toxins.

Oil pulling may also be claimed to reduce the risk of tooth decay and prevent future ones. However, this is a largely unsubstantiated claim.

Dr. Yakob said that “there are currently no reliable scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of oil pulling for reducing cavities, whitening teeth, or helping with your oral health in any way.”

The Hashtag Has Millions of Views

Unfortunately, the hashtag #magiceraserteeth continues to be popular on TikTok with more than two million views. In addition, several dentists have made response videos advising people not to use Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser on their teeth.

This trend is likely to end quickly and not cause too much illness.

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