Gay Nativity Scene Praised, But Critics Are Making Some Really Good Points

November 27, 2017Nov 27, 2017

On Monday, a pro-homosexual publication praised a gay nativity scene that a lesbian comedian posted a photo of on Twitter. In the photo, two figures representing Joseph are wearing pink while kneeling at the cradle of a figure representing baby Jesus.

“This gay Nativity scene is everything you need to start the holiday season out right” the publication LGBTQ Nation wrote as the headline of their story.

Many people on social media praised the display, some calling it the best Christmas decoration ever. Others appeared to need a brush-up on the exact details of the biblical accounts of Christ’s birth.

Others on social media made some good points, like @Iswash68_laura, who commented, “Except now the only woman—who did all the work— has been disenfranchised.”

Even some supporters of the LGBT lifestyle thought the gay nativity was a bad idea, like James Lavin, who replied to Pink News’ Facebook post about it by saying, “Technically he didn’t [have two dads]. he had a father and a stepfather ... stop trying to ‘gay’ stuff up Pinknews, it makes you look stupid and then us by association.”

Ian Morton also commented on the photo, writing on Facebook, “Why? I'm an atheist, and actually don't like what religion stands for and how it treats LGBT, but I find this particular offensive towards them.”

“Really? Don't complain when a bunch of Bible lovers burn your house to the ground. Ghurl this ain't cute,” wrote Renzo Pineda Cabrera.

“Okay, came out at 17 now 60 and been an advocate of gay rights since I came out, I find that to be in poor taste. Don’t rewrite the Bible just let the haters have something,” added Warren Formon.

Stanley Harris wrote, “As a Gay Christian, I feel this is in poor taste.”

What do you think about this? In other news, Sen. Al Franken spoke to the press again on Monday and appeared to admit fault as the sexual misconduct allegations against him increase in number.

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