Multi-Platinum Singer Opens Up About Mourning His Mother's Death

November 09, 2017Nov 09, 2017

Singer Gavin DeGraw opened up to People about how rough the last two months have been. DeGraw is best known for his “I Don’t Want to Be,” which was used as the “One Tree Hill” theme song. 

On September 1st, DeGraw’s mother, Lynne, passed away. It was later revealed that she had been battling pancreatic cancer.

The multi-platinum recording artist reveals that he had a “horrible time” when his mother died. He also told the magazine that he felt “inspired musically” during her cancer battle, but he was also unable to finish a single song he tried to write.

“I was too overwhelmed with sadness to complete anything. Everything I was writing was just sounding like a hymn, and it was making me so sad,” DeGraw told People.

He gave the interview at the finale of the 2017 Project: Aloft Star competition at Aloft Long Island City in New York on Tuesday. 2017 Project is a singing competition designed to search for emerging talent.

“I was just crying all the time, and I was basically writing a gospel record,” he shared.

He also said he was singing and playing piano as “therapy.” His goal was never to sell those songs, and he’s still not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day.

“I began feeling conflicted in even trying to complete anything because I didn’t want it to feel like I was trying to market something so sad. It felt like it would be disingenuous,” says the 40-year-old “Not Over You” singer. “I was writing and I was recording it, but I was feeling like it could only live in the moment as it stood. None of it was coming out as organized.”

He said he’s not sure DeGraw if anything he wrote during his mother’s passing will make it onto his next album. He said “hasn’t been able to get past the emotion of it all,” but he “can still feel those melodies.”

“I don’t know if I can wrangle all those feelings and organize them in a way that would allow me to feel like I’m doing my mom justice,” says DeGraw. “I’m very apprehensive to even delve into it because everything seems kind of second best to her.”

While he’s not sure if the songs will make it onto the album, he says his mother’s passing will continue to influence his music style. He says the album will be “very raw” and acoustic-based.”

“So much of the music scene has been oversaturated with production, and I believe in the copyright more than I believe in the technology of music. I think the writing is the most important,” says DeGraw. “The song should sound good coming out of the worst speakers if the song’s good. It’s all about the song.”

Do you understand DeGraw’s feelings of loss? Let us know in the comments. In other news, an NFL superstar opens up about God after his season-ending injury. 

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