Gary Sinise Just Flew Over 1,000 Gold Star Kids and Their Surviving Parent to Disney World for Christmas

December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018

An amazing news story has just made national headlines after a Hollywood star did something amazing for some very deserving children. Now, people across the nation are praising Gary Sinise.

Sinise is best known as Lt. Dan in the "Forrest Gump" film. Sinise played a veteran in the movie and it's clear that the role truly touched him. He has recorded a long history of working with veterans groups and giving back to service members.

Recently, Sinise did something amazing for the children of Gold Star families. He decided to take them to the happiest place in the world!

"According to KCAL-TV, the Gary Sinise Foundation filled 15 planes full of Gold Star families to go to Walt Disney World down in Florida as a special Christmas present called the 'Snowball Express,'" reported Western Journal.

About 1,700 people from around the nation traveled to Florida on the 5-night vacation trip! It was an incredible act of generosity and patriotism! The attendees also spoke of how healing and comforting it was to be able to go on the trip with other Gold Star families who can relate to their hard times.

“It’s just important ’cause of all of the bonding that we get to do. He gets to find friends who are just like him, and I get to find ones that have lost just like me,” said a woman named Jade, who lost her military husband in 2016. "It’s easier when you find people who’ve gone through the same thing. So it’s an amazing experience. All of the different tributes they have, and all of the different balloon releases where I get to write a message to my husband; it’s amazing.”

This is such an incredible story! Please join us in sending our thanks to Gary Sinise for an amazing act of kindness!

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