Famous Pop Star's Tour Bus Involved in Fatal Accident, Everyone 'Devastated'

September 25, 2018Sep 25, 2018

Sad news was just reported out of Cleveland, Ohio, where pop star Gary Numan was scheduled to perform. His tour bus was involved in an accident en route to the concert venue.

According to the Mirror, Numan’s tour bus ran into a man pushing a cart across a road. Numan’s bus was on the way to the House of Blues where Numan’s show would be.

Sadly, the 91-year-old man that the bus driver hit has passed away. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gary Numan spoke out about the tragedy.

He said, “We are all utterly devastated by the fatal  accident involving our tour bus earlier today.”

Gary went on to talk about his show’s cancellation.

He said, “Everyone of us is filled with a sadness that made it impossible to even consider playing our show this evening, and out of respect it would have been entirely wrong.”

Gary continued, “At the moment all we can think about are the people affected by this terrible tragedy and to them we send all our love.”

News 5 Cleveland, the original source to reveal the news, reported that no arrests were made in the accident and that the bus driver did not appear to be impaired.

Sadly, this is the second time that the 80s pop star’s tour bus has been involved in an accident. In 2011, Numan’s bus collided with another. Thankfully, in that situation, everyone was alright.

Please be praying for the 91-year-old man’s family. As of Tuesday morning, the man had yet to be named. Share your prayers here for comfort during the wake of this sudden loss.

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