Garth Brooks Reacts to Worship Leader, Father of 6 on AGT Who Made Simon Cowell Cry

September 17, 2018Sep 17, 2018

At the beginning of June, America's Got Talent fans fell in love with the worship leader and father of six, Michael Ketterer. During his memorable audition, he not only won over the crowd but he won the hearts of the judges as well! He ended up receiving the coveted golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. 

When the show went live two months later, fans and judges became even more impacted by Ketterer's story. Michael and his wife, Ivy, have adopted five children out of foster care, giving them a total of six children.

Every time Michael takes the stage, the judges say something similar to the phrase, "There's just something about him," not always able to pinpoint exactly what makes the worship leader so special. 

During the first live show, Michael made such a strong impression on notoriously serious Simon Cowell that he ended up breaking down in tears. Immediately after, fans went absolutely wild on social media noting that no one had ever seen that kind of emotion from Cowell.

Below is that performance:

At the last performance right before the finalists for the season were announced, Ketterer blew it out of the water yet again. After his emotional performance, Simon Cowell said that he wanted to see the contestant win the entire show. Then, he publicly called out Garth Brooks and told him to write Ketterer a song if he made it to the finals! 

Now, Garth Brooks has finally responded to the request. He jokingly noted that he was on vacation when the show aired and that he was shocked to see thousands of social media comments specifically about Ketterer.

When asked if we would write a song for the father of six, Brooks said that he had talked to him and that he would be working on something. However, he noted that a song cannot just be forced and would make no promises. 

Below is Brooks' video explaining his initial reaction and answer:

What do you think about Garth Brooks writing Michael Ketterer a song for the America's Got Talent finale? Will you be watching? Let us know! In other recent news, please be praying for the family of the "X-Files" actor who just passed away.