Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Launches Kid’s Clothing Line

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Launches Kid’s Clothing Line

It’s never too soon to begin building an empire. Following the successful release of a New York Times Best Selling children’s book, Kaavia James Union Wade is now partnering with JanieAnd Jack to launch her own kids’ fashion line with the help of her parents Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane WadeOf course.

The three-year-old little icon is already a big hit on social media. Gabrielle Union-WadeAccording to that Kaavia Jam has apparently had a passion for fashion “since she could walk.” It seems that the affectionately named “Shady Baby” was bitten by the bug on her own accord.


Gabrielle Union-WadeThis is what she shared about her mini me

“She’s had an obsession with our closets … the shoes and purses. It’s all about accessories in my closet and in Dwyane’s closet. She literally likes to climb into his racks of clothes,” 

Explanating the reasons for the spark Kaavia’s interest, GabrielleThis is what they had to say:

“I guess because of the pandemic, being a pandemic baby, the bulk of her life has been spent [with] us doing press and fittings and everything in our house, so she’s been around it all and has been super, super into it. She’ll be feeling the materials and she’ll want to understand how everything is working.”

According to reports, the Kaavia James Union Wade x Janie and Jack collection will be launched on Wednesday, February 2nd. These pieces will be bright and vivid in color and reflective. Kaavia’sYour vibrance and fashion sense. The clothing line aims to honor African culture through the use of beautiful graphics and crochet as well as color blocking patterns. Kaavia JamAccording to some reports, he was very involved in the whole process.


Mom, Gabrielle Union-WadeHow it works KaaviaHer input was shared, sharing this behind the scenes exclusive:

“When we were designing this line, people were like, ‘How does a child participate in the fashion process?’ But when we whittled down our ideas between the Janie and Jack design team and me and my husband, we showed [Kaavia]The French Terry [styles]We showed her the triple-tiered prints and ruffles. There were things that we loved that she was like, ‘No.’ And we didn’t force any of it on her. If she didn’t like it, that was it.”


More about the experience Gabrielle Union-Wade says: 

“It was a slow, organic process. We didn’t want to be forced into anything. We wanted to ensure that this was collaborative and truely represented Kaavia. It works. And I’m thrilled how the clothes turned out. I’m thrilled how the campaign turned out and it’s her. It’s her.” 

Gabrielle Union-WadeSays this about the functionality of the clothing line:

“We’d like to think we’re on the other side of mastering potty training [laughs]. You know, so making sure that we’re creating clothes that are fashion-forward and super cute, but also practical and functional. They must be durable enough to withstand multiple washings or an accident. And we want people to be able to enjoy these outfits over and over and over again and not feel like, ‘Oh, they’re so special. I have to save them for a special occasion.’”


Gabrielle & Kaavia

The Kaavia James Union x Janie and Jack CollectionIncludes gender neutral sets that are modeled by KaaviaCrosby Sparrow, her best friend, in a recent campaign. The sets are part of an appropriately named “Best Friends Forever” collection. 

Gabrielle Union-WadeThe sets were inspired by these words:

“Once Kaav and Crosby got to the age where they were able to identify colors and shapes, they like when they have something similar on. They like to be twinning.” 

The campaign theme Kaavia Jam and Crosby Sparrow was titled “The World of Joy.” The team felt that it was important to showcase inclusivity and diversity through the visuals. 

Gabrielle Union-WadeThis was shared:

“Our world is very, very inclusive. And we just wanted to make sure that if we’re doing a campaign called ‘The World of Joy’—imagine that it really looks like the world.”

According to reports the Kaavia Union Wade x Janie x Jack Collection will be available to purchase in select Janie & Jack shops nationwide and online at a range of prices ranging from $10.50 up to $74.00.

Do you plan to purchase pieces for your little cutie?