Missing 2-Yr-Old Gabriella Vitale Found After Disappearing from Campsite 24 Hours Ago

July 16, 2019Jul 16, 2019

There is wonderful news out of Northern Michigan. Search crews have found the 2-year-old who went missing from a campsite, reported local news


The girl, Gabriella Vitale, wandered away from her parent's campsite. They were particularly worried because she has autism. 

She was reported missing Monday morning. Oscoda County Sheriff’s Office says Gabriella wandered off from her parents’ campsite around 8 a.m. near M-33 and Reber Road in Comins Township.


She was with her family camping from Monroe this past week. They were preparing to leave when they noticed she was gone.

Praise the Lord that Gabriella was found alive and well. It took police until Tuesday morning around 11:30 a.m. to find her, which means she alone for over 24 hours. 


She was not wearing her shoes or pants. Still, police say she was in good spirits.

She is being taken to the hospital to be checked but seems to be O.K.