Furious Liberal Leaders Scrambling to Denounce Russia Memo, Just Released

February 02, 2018Feb 02, 2018

The release of a memo showing alleged government surveillance abuses committed against then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign by the FBI and Department of Justice under President Obama’s administration has furious liberal leaders scrambling to denounce both the memo and President Trump’s decision to make it public.

According to Fox News, the memo alleges that the highly-disputed Trump dossier — which alleges collusion between Trump and Russia — was used as justification for secretly spying on Trump’s campaign by a presidential administration that was rooting for Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The creation of the Trump dossier was allegedly paid for by Hillary’s campaign.

Democrats have previously dismissed the memo as partisan and misleading, yet they have been very quick to denounce it upon its release Friday afternoon.

Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement accusing Trump of being unconstitutional in releasing the memo and saying that he had essentially “sent his friend Putin a bouquet.”

“Releasing the memo is a desperate attempt to distract the American people from the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal,” Pelosi claimed, sounding a lot like CNN.

In another statement, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said, "Unlike almost every House member who voted in favor of this memo's release, I have actually read the underlying documents on which the memo was based. They simply do not support its conclusions."

Two Democratic senators called the memo release “dangerous.”



Republican Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also denounced it, according to Reuters, accusing Trump of “manufacturing a partisan sideshow” and “doing Putin’s job for him.”

Want to read the memo? Take a look.

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