'Fuller House' Fans Devastated After Latest Announcement

January 31, 2019Jan 31, 2019

Full House was a classic sitcom in the 1980s and 1990s. After eight hilarious, emotional, and hug-filled seasons, fans were so disappointed when the era came to an end in 1995. However, all hope was restored when Netflix produced a spin-off series, Fuller House, in 2016.

The show had a very successful first four seasons. It was just renewed for a fifth season which, unfortunately, will also be the final one.

Fuller House cast members shared the news via social media on Thursday morning. Thankfully, the “farewell” season will reportedly be the best season yet!

Fans were still devastated after hearing news of the show ending. Many responded to the casts’ announcement with comments of disappointment, wishing the series would be around for several more seasons.

Candace Cameron Bure, who plays DJ Fuller on the show, also admitted that the news was “bittersweet.”

“We would love to do this show forever and ever but I guess it wasn’t in the cards,” the actress stated. “I am happy that we can give the fans a proper ending, however I wish we didn’t have to give one at all.”

It is a possibility that another network could pick up the series. There has not been a discussion about that yet, at least to public knowledge.

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