Frozen Spinach Recalled in 19+ States Over Potentially Deadly Bacteria

June 19, 2019Jun 19, 2019

The troubling news was just reported that a popular brand of frozen spinach has just been recalled. Sprouts Farmers Market recalled their frozen spinach after strains of bacteria were discovered in testing.

According to Fox News, the product is manufactured by National Frozen Foods and was in at least 19 states. They revealed that it was potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Below are the recalled products:

Sprouts Frozen Cut Leaf Spinach, 16 oz. bag

UPC 87487500982, Lot 19031203A03

USE BY 12/03/21

Sprouts Frozen Organic Cut Leaf Spinach, 16 oz. bag

UPC 87487500991, Lot 19031203A03

USE BY 12/03/21

As of Wednesday, no reports of illnesses have been reported over this recall. However, the company has taken all the products from its stores. 

Health officials are warning consumers to throw away this product if they have purchased it. 

Do you eat this kind of spinach? If so, throw it out! Share this with family and friends. In other recent news, a beloved radio personality just died at 44. Please keep her family in your prayers.