Frontrunners Widen Leads In New Hampshire Primary; Here Are 6 Big Moments Of The Night

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016

Like the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primary was a election night for the books.

With 87% of Republican votes counted as of midnight EST, according to CNN, Donald Trump has a comfortable lead with 34% of the votes. With 86% of Democrat votes counted, according to CNN, Bernie Sanders has already trounced Hillary with 60% of the votes compared to her 39%.


Here are 6 big moments and surprising results from the race tonight:
1. Trump had more than twice as many votes as the second place candidate, John Kasich (16%).
2. Kasich (16%) is beating Ted Cruz (11%) by a significant margin, starting with his symbolic midnight victory in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire (population: 9).
3. Jeb Bush (11%) is just behind Cruz and a little ahead of Rubio (11%) in votes. According to The Hill, Rubio is blaming his much-ridiculed debate performance on Saturday for his disappointing vote count.
4. Ben Carson has only seen a disappointing 2% of the votes and didn't stick around in New Hampshire for an election night party.
5. Jim Gilmore, who few people still know is running (see Just Who Is GOP Candidate Jim Gilmore?), has already seen a 1000% increase in votes, from 12 in Iowa to a 119 in New Hampshire so far, according to WMUR 9 ABC. He secured fewer votes, though, than Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum, all of whom dropped out of the race before tonight.
6. Amazingly, four hours ago, with fewer than 20,000 votes counted, Hillary conceded defeat in New Hampshire to Bernie. According to NBC News, Hillary assured her supporters that she would still win the Democratic nomination.