Friends of Mckenzie Lueck Open Up Details of Man Who Murdered Her

July 01, 2019Jul 01, 2019

A sad ending has come to the case of Mackenzie Lueck. The young woman was reported missing after failing to return home last week. Now, officials have determined that the person of interest was indeed the man they believe killed her.

“After an exhaustive week of investigation, we are filing charges of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a body in the homicide of Mackenzie Lueck," Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown told reporters.

The surrounded his home and made the arrest at the property. It was located near the downtown area of Salt Lake City.

Police say he killed Lueck and then tried to dispose of her body, and her belongings, by using fire and gasoline. His neighbors reported to police that he was burning something in his backyard a few days ago.

"The suspect, identified as Ayoola Ajayi, was taken into custody Friday morning after a forensic investigation uncovered charred female human tissue and items belonging to the missing student in the backyard of his home, police said. The arrest came after investigators searched his property earlier this week. Police say neighbors informed detectives that they saw Ajayi burning something with the help of gasoline around the night of June 17, when Lueck last was seen," according to Fox.

Now, Mackenzie's friends have opened up about the news of her death. They have also taken to the media to shoot down critics who are blaming Mackenzie. Some people have claimed this entire ordeal was Mackenzie's fault for meeting the man at the park in the middle of the night.

"There’s a lot of people that say she deserved this because she put herself in this situation and we don’t officially know that," Kennedy Stoner, a sorority sister, and friend of Lueck's, told Fox News in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

Another one of her friends echoed similar sentiments.

"No person regardless of their gender or dating life deserves to die," Fine said. "Mackenzie is not responsible for the death and murder of Mackenzie. There’s only one person responsible for that, and we’re here to hold him responsible and we’re going to keep holding him responsible."

The girls all agreed that Mackenzie never would have gotten involved with a dangerous man like this if she knew what was going to happen. They are putting the blame on her killer and say that's the only place it should go.

"If Kenzie knew what was gonna happen she would not have met that individual at the park," Kvam said. "Her death is not her fault... and for people to say things other than that is hurtful. It’s hurtful to us. It’s hurtful to her family. It’s hurtful to other victims out there. It just doesn’t make sense."

Please join us in praying for Mackenzie's family during this tragic time!