Family Freed from Taliban Reveals Why They Had Children In Captivity

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017

In 2012, an American woman, Caitlan Coleman, and her Canadian husband, Joshua Boyle, were kidnapped by the Taliban. During their travels, the couple went hiking in Afghanistan. While on their hike, they were abducted. 

Now, five years later, the couple has been freed. While in Taliban captivity, the couple had children. The entire family was freed in an exchange between the Pakistani military and U.S. commandos in a secret operation. Many have attributed the success of the operation to President Trump's strong stance on the Pakistani military. 

Throughout their captivity, the couple was able to communicate with their families a few times. Now, for the first time since their freedom, the couple is speaking out. 

Boyle said that the family lived in an underground dungeon and said that their food and beds were always covered in mold. The small living space was the only place that their children had ever known.

In his interview, Boyle said that on their journey home the children, Jonah, Noah, and Grace, were constantly asking if each of the airports they visited were their new home. Now, their children are actually able to experience their "first true home."

One of the main questions that the family addressed was why they chose to have children while in captivity. 

Joshua Boyle said that he and Caitlan had a lifelong dream to have a big family. He said that though they were in captivity, he had hope that they would eventually be freed. 

He said that they wanted to "make the best of this" and at least "go home with a larger start on our dream family."

Coleman was already pregnant when the couple was abducted. After giving birth, they decided to try for more children. Joshua said that because Caitlan is in her 30s, they knew that her "clock was ticking."

The family now has three children, 4, 2, and "somewhere around 6 months." Boyle said that they always planned on having several children and plan to have more.

Boyle said that he and his wife had actually had a fourth child while in captivity. Sadly, their captors reportedly killed the infant girl and later raped Caitlan. The Taliban has since denied that they killed the child, claiming that she died in a miscarriage. 

Caitlan Coleman has not spoken out about her experience yet, though her father has been bold in criticizing Joshua Boyle for bringing her to Afghanistan in the first place. 

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