Freak Accident Leaves Snowboarder with Torn Pancreas, Massive Scar

February 06, 2019Feb 06, 2019

A freak accident has just changed the life of one woman forever. Although she survived the incident, her body will never be the same.

"A snowboarder who five years ago survived a freak accident that caused her pancreas to split in half is back in the gym and spreading a body positivity message after embracing the large scar left on her torso. Sophie Gillett had set out for a day at Whistler with her then-boyfriend and a friend in 2014 when the accident happened on her very first run," reported Fox News.

Sophie reportedly lived in Whistler for years and knew the area well. However, despite her familiarity with the slopes, a terrible accident occurred.

“I was riding and then suddenly I hit a protruding rock which launched me onto hard-packed snow and ice, and on impact, doctors say it split my pancreas into two parts,” Gillett told MDW Features.

Sophie then did something amazing. She managed to hike out two miles to the nearest ski lift. She rode to the bottom of the mountain and left for home. Hours later, after vomiting blood, she decided to go to a local hospital.

“I spent hours in excruciating pain, yelling and screaming for someone to help me and figure out what was wrong,” she told MDW Features. “I had multiple MRIs and a CT scan which showed my pancreas had been damaged. I was then told I needed to go to Vancouver to get emergency surgery.”

After the surgery, Sophie spent months recovering. Even though she was able to survive from the injuries, she was left with a massive scar on her abdomen. It took her years to fully recover and to feel confident about her body.

She recently posted photos of her stomach and the scar on her Instagram account. Her goal is to empower people everywhere to feel confident in their own skin and to love their bodies.

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