Franklin Graham Weighs in on Kylie Jenner's Ultra-Honest Interview

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

From someone who is used to being in the spotlight and subsequently having to put on a face to please the public, this is a very honest confession. In People Magazine, Kylie Jenner (daughter of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Kardashian) talks about the real side of her that people don't see on tv and social media--and the part of her that she's had to squelch because of online bullying.

Jenner shares openly, “There’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with. In order to stay relevant for the public, I have to be on Instagram and I have to be on Snapchat just keeping people entertained. And then there’s who I really am around my friends. That’s who I want you guys to get to know.”

She confesses, “It’s way easier for me to post on Snapchat or Instagram than it is to be out in public. I just feel like for so long I’ve been putting on this different persona to the world — I felt like I started to depend on social media, feeling the need to post all the time. I feel like I have to keep up this idea of who I am.”

Sadly, Jenner has had to close off a very real part of herself at a very young age, due to online bullies: “I think I lost a lot of parts of myself. My funny side — when I was 14 I used to post all these funny videos all the time, just me being like, super weird and funny and myself. I feel like once I started getting a little bit bigger, then people really started to … everyone says mean things sometimes, it’s just how social media is — it’s a really mean, negative space.”

Jenner has already learned that money doesn't mean happiness. Responding to when people say she has the perfect life, she says, “[I] laugh. In their face. Nobody has a perfect life. The only different thing about me, or out of the ordinary, really, is probably just that I have nice things. But what you realize when you get there — when I know I could buy any car, any house — is that that happiness lasts two seconds.”

Franklin Graham uses Jenner's honest interview to emphasize that social media fame and money do not make someone feel more loved or happy. Most times, they can do quite the opposite, as Graham points out that Jenner feels lonely and like an outcast. He shares his hope for Jenner in his Facebook post. 

Are you surprised by Jenner's admission? She was thrust into the spotlight at such a young age and forced to deal with the intense public scrutiny. Share your thoughts and prayers for her in the comments! Thank you!

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