Franklin Graham Weighs in on Government Shutdown with Bold Message

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

It’s no secret that Democrats and Republicans have a difficult time reaching an agreement in regards to various political issues. Following the recent government shutdown, which occurred as a result of Democrats and Republicans disagreeing on details of the immigration plan, Franklin Graham responded with a bold message about politics and faith.

On social media, the well-known Christian evangelist and son of the legendary Rev. Billy Graham expressed his support in ending the government shutdown. He was ecstatic that the two political parties finally reached an agreement.

Graham stated, “I understand that the Republicans and Democrats have finally agreed on something—to end the government shutdown. Three Cheers!”

In addition, Graham emphasized the importance of prayer, specifically praying for the members of the U.S. Congress.

“This is something that all Americans should be happy about,” he continued. “Continue to pray for our Congress to work together.”

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In related news, the White House also recently responded to the end of the government shutdown.

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