Franklin Graham Warns: The "Nightmare" Of Sexual Assaults In Germany Will Happen Here If We Don't Vet Refugees

January 08, 2016Jan 08, 2016

To read the report is shocking. According to The Washington Post, some 100 women were sexually assaulted--with two reported rapes--on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany.  As women passed through the city center, they were groped and assaulted by a large group (about 1,000) of men described as 'Arab' and intoxicated.

The police were outnumbered by the mob, and barred from helping the women.  Then, instead of reporting the story, the police were encouraged to downplay the incident, calling the night "relaxed." That word has since been retracted after a report written by an unidentified official leaked, calling the night "chaotic and shameful" and accurately describing the numerous sexual assaults made upon women.

This event, in and of itself, is terrible. But what's additionally alarming, as Franklin Graham shares below, is that the majority of these men were most likely Syrian refugees.  One reportedly said, "I'm a Syrian! You have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel invited me." The worry that Graham and many others have is that what appears to be compassion from the Obama Administration in inviting unchecked Syrian refugees here is really a lack of wisdom that could lead to disastrous consequences, like in Cologne.

Let Graham share with you his concerns in his own words. 



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