Franklin Graham Warns Parents About The Tech Danger That Could RUIN Their Kid's Life

September 21, 2016Sep 21, 2016

This is so sad. As you read the well-written Washington Post story, fear grips your heart. What if this happened to my child? My grandchild? Maureen, a 7th grade girl, was pressured by a classmate to send him nude photos of herself over text, commonly referred to as "sexting." She caved to the pressure, wanting his approval, and the photos ended up all over the school.

Maureen was mortified and almost killed himself with an overdose of Prozac. She began cutting herself and cried on the way to school everyday. Her parents tried sending her away to a center for counseling, but they were told she lacked coping skills to get through this. Fortunately, Maureen is recovering, slowly, but the WP warns that this is a serious epidemic that begins as young as 6th grade. One young girl explained, “Sixth, seventh grade is when people started sending nudes. The popular girls would send them to the popular guys. . . . I would find out about it and be like, ‘You know that’s wrong, right?’  I was iffy, at first. But everyone was doing it, so I just felt like I had to.”

Here, in a recent Facebook post, Franklin Graham warns parents of the danger they might be underestimating. 



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