Franklin Graham Urges Americans To Fight For The Bathroom Battlefield

February 23, 2016Feb 23, 2016


It happened just yesterday in his home state. Charlotte, NC City Council members voted to allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they want.  Of course, that means that any person can use the bathroom of their choice--whether they be transgender or not: who's to say, right?

Here, in a latest Facebook post, Graham decries the decision and urges North Carolinians to fight back.  And that urging will apply to each one of us that sees a similar thing happen in our state. We simply cannot give up the battlefield for the bathroom. It is far too important to our children's safety. 



You can read about how the ordinance got passed at the Charlotte Observer.

How does this news make you feel? Will you fight if it comes to your state? Let us know in the Comments, and please post a prayer for the battlefield of the bathroom! Than you so much!