Franklin Graham Tells Abortion Lawmakers About Their Judgment Day

January 29, 2019Jan 29, 2019

Last week, New York did something very, very evil. Lawmakers in New York, led by Governor Andrew Cuomo (a professing Catholic) and Hillary Clinton, made it legal for doctors to kill babies in the womb on their due date.

It's incomprehensible to most. One even wonders what traditional pro-choice people, particularly women, think of this law. Any mother who has felt her baby kick or seen him or her move on the ultrasound has to shudder, right? But on the day of the bill's signing, we saw women smiling and triumphing the fact that they can now kill their babies in their womb right when they're ready to come out. It was hailed as a victory for women's rights.

It's beyond sad, and many have been appropriately disturbed and depressed after hearing that New York did this. Will other states follow suit? It's a legitimate concern, considering the threadbare moral fabric of our country. When those in charge choose to do such evil in our land, how can we make sense of this? Where is the justice for the innocent?

In a passionate Facebook post, Franklin Graham addresses the scary day of judgment that will face the evil lawmakers that passed this bill.

"Isn’t it ironic," began Graham in his post. "In New York a murderer, rapist, serial killer, pedophile, or school shooter can’t receive a lethal injection—but a child in the womb can. Capital punishment has been ruled unconstitutional in New York, but abortion up to the day of birth is legal. The legislators that pass these laws will have to give an account to God for every murdered life one day. May God have mercy on our nation."

In his sobering post, Graham reminds the nation that God will indeed judge. We can only imagine the terror that those who have pushed for the murder the innocent will face when they meet God. Graham's post was liked and shared by hundreds of thousands, showing that so many Americans, thankfully, are equally appalled by this law. Several women shared how they chose to go through with delivering their babies even despite intense medical issues (which is one of the excuses the evil abortion bill gives for its justification).

Here's one amazing testimony from a commenter: "Mind-blowing! I was on some horrible medications when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I have multiple autoimmune diseases. They asked me if I was going to terminate? With my faith I told them absolutely not. They took me into a room and went through all the different birth defects and problems that my child can have, along with if I would make it?. My faith didn't falter and I had a perfect beautiful little boy and named him Luke🙏💕💖💏.

With Lord's blessings I even had a daughter five years later! I know there are some situations where the mother's health can be at risk (and mine was definitely at risk), but they have so many new techniques and things they can do to watch the mother on top of the child during pregnancy that death for a mother is almost zero to none. They were very hard pregnancies, but I wouldn't have changed it or made a different decision. They are my life. God is amazing!"

Others commenter claimed Satan's influence for this bill: "When satan reigns this is the result. I’m so very thankful that I know the end of the story. God wins!"

Let us pray that no other states adopt this evil law and that mothers choose to protect their babies in New York, even though they have the option to do great harm. What do you think of Graham's strong statement? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments. Thank you!

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