Franklin Graham Takes on ESPN Host

September 17, 2017Sep 17, 2017

It's not often that you get to hear a liberal's own card being played back to them, but in this case, Franklin Graham plays it boldly. In a sharp Facebook post, the outspoken Christian leader tells the liberal ESPN host who just called President Trump a white supremacist that she is, in fact, the offensive one spreading racism.

Fox notes that the anchor's targeted comments towards Trump were handled much differently than previous hosts who spoke out of turn. Jemele Hill basically got a slap on the hand while another host who even suggested the network was being too political was suspended. 

"Citing 'sources,' Fox Sports' "Outkick the Coverage’s" Clay Travis reported on Tuesday that longtime ESPN anchor Linda Cohn was told by directly by the network’s president John Skipper not to show up to work after she suggested that the network has become too political. Travis noted that Cohn, who has hosted ESPN’s flagship SportsCenter over 5,000 times, was also told to stay home and think about what she said," shares Fox. 

Curt Schilling is another example of ESPN's obvious political bias. After Schilling expressed disapproval about transgenders using the bathroom of the opposite sex via his social media account, he was swiftly fired. In fact, Schilling recently spoke out about his frustration that he was let go while Hill is accepted by the network for her controversial opinions.

"I wasn't fired for speaking my mind, I was fired for being a conservative," Schilling said, reports The Hill. Graham clearly agrees. He thinks hosts like Hill and the network that supports her have a clear political agenda against Trump and conservatives and are actually fueling the racist hatred in America. 

"This liberal progressive socialist is trying to feed the divisive fire of racial hatred and undermine President Trump as he works to bring positive change for America," said Graham. Do you agree with Graham? Are you irritated with ESPN for supporting Hill? Share your thought in the comments! Thank you!

Tragically, a famous Christian evangelist just passed away at a very young age. Prayers are appreciated for his family and loved ones! 

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