Franklin Graham Stunned By Dem's Latest Anti-God Agenda

January 30, 2019Jan 30, 2019

You know it's bad when Franklin Graham starts his post out with "Wow."

The passionate preacher has seen a lot, but the latest move from the Democratic party shocked even him.

Now holding a majority in the House, Democrats want to remove the phrase "So help you God" from sworn oaths. The phrase, long spoken by thousands of men and women in public office, is offensive to godless democrats who, as Graham points out, want to remove any trace of God from our nation--just like socialism's founder, Karl Marx. And we've seen how that left Russia.

Not only do the Democrats want to remove "so help you God" from the sworn oath statement, they want to change "his or her" to "their," indicating their push for transgender ideology.

In a passionate plea to both Republicans and sensibly-minded Democrats, Franklin Graham exposes the dangerous path godless, socialists want to lead this country on and asks that we all pray for our troubled nation.

"Wow. Now a Democratic-led committee wants to nix the words 'SO HELP YOU GOD' from the oath given by witnesses testifying before the panel," shared Graham. Congresswoman Liz Cheney told Fox News that she wasn’t surprised. She said, 'It is incredible, but not surprising, that the Democrats would try to remove God from committee proceedings in one of their first acts in the majority. They really have become the party of Karl Marx.' I’m afraid she may be right. This is no longer the party of Lyndon Johnson or JFK. To my moderate, reasonable Democratic friends, let your voice be heard before socialism completely takes over the party."

"Make no mistake, the progressive agenda is a godless one. They want nothing to do with Almighty God, and they are doing all they can to remove or avoid even the mention of His Name. Pray that our Democratic and Republican leaders would see and understand that they need God’s hand as they try to address the problems this nation faces," ended Graham's post."

It makes perfect sense that Democrats would want to try to escape God's watchful eye. Think about when a small child wants to be naughty: he tries to get away from his parents so he doesn't get caught. The Democrats just passed their most wicked abortion law yet in New York: fully-formed and to-term babies are now allowed to be lethally injected on their due date. Reasons cited are if the mother doesn't want the baby for any reason or it there are deformities. Sounds a lot like socialism and even nazism, where the "undesirables" are given no value and are cast out.

Our country needs serious help--from God. Will you pray with us that we would wake up and seek God before it is too late? Will you pray that President Trump and Vice President Pence would be protected and would be strong in doing what is right? Thank you so much!

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