Franklin Graham Speaks Out About Joy Behar's Public Apology to VP Pence

March 13, 2018Mar 13, 2018

Over the last several weeks, “The View” co-host Joy Behar has been the topic of extreme controversy after she insulted millions of Americans on national television. She was criticizing Vice President Mike Pence for his beliefs when she compared being a Christian and hearing Jesus to having a “mental illness.”

Now, several weeks after her harmful remarks, Behar has finally issued an apology to VP Pence and to the public. On Tuesday, she issued a public apology to her audience on “The View.” Watch her brief apology below:

Before going to the public, Behar reportedly personally apologized to VP Pence. He said that the call was sincere but that she still needed to apologize to the public, as her words were extremely offensive to all Christians.

Throughout the last few weeks, esteemed Christian leader Franklin Graham has been sharing his opinion on the matter. Before Behar made her public apology, Graham took to social media saying that it is necessary.

He noted that ABC News got over 30,000 calls regarding her disrespectful remarks and that she is still in the news over it, several weeks later. He said that the widespread response is an indicator that an apology is vital. Then, after VP Pence said that he was given a private apology, Graham took to Twitter again.

He said, “At least @JoyVBehar made a private call to @VP Pence to apologize, but it’s disappointing that there’s still been no action taken by the network or a public apology. I think she should publicly apologize to all Christians, as should @ABC.”

Shortly after his Tweet, Behar made her public apology on her show. Graham Tweeted again, acknowledging the apology and reiterating what she had said.

Still, Graham believes that the network itself should apologize as well. What do you think about all of that? Should more be done? Let us know your thoughts! For more, here’s the entire statement that Behar made to the public.

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