Franklin Graham Blatantly Calls Out the LGBTQ Agenda with a Hard Truth to Swallow: 'Out of Control'

June 24, 2019Jun 24, 2019

Franklin Graham, the son of legendary Rev. Billy Graham, often sparks controversy among liberals with his pro-God, conservative remarks. In one of his recent statements, Graham called out the LGBTQ agenda with a hard truth to swallow.

Graham shared an article from the Conservative Tribune by Western Journalism, which highlighted the story of three Connecticut female track athletes in high school who were outrun by transgenders. As a result, the students filed a civil rights complaint, which insisted that allowing athletes to compete under their identified gender violates Title IX protections.

Because male-born individuals naturally have a different genetic make-up, they have a biological advantage — making the playing field unfair. According to The Western Journal, this is true even if the transgender athlete undergoes hormonal therapy (which is not a requirement for the athlete to compete as their identified gender).

Franklin Graham chimed in, “The LGBTQ agenda is running out of control in this country and this is just one of the consequences. Girls should have a fair shake at athletics—that’s what Title IX is all about. Pray that the courts will settle this issue and stop the discrimination against female athletes.”

“Selina Soule was outrun by 2 biological boys who were allowed to compete because they chose to identify as females. This kept her from qualifying for a track event where she would've been seen by college coaches,” Graham asserted. “She’s upset and I don’t blame her.”

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