Franklin Graham Shows How Christians Protesting Trump's Immigration Ban Are WRONG

February 13, 2017Feb 13, 2017

You may be seeing Christians protesting President Trump's recent immigration ban. He put a temporary hold on 7 hostile countries to get a handle on the nation's compromised security in the face of numerous ISIS terrorist attacks.

But in doing so, some persecuted refugees are not allowed to come into America right now. And many Christians (and non-Christians) are grieved about that. And they are turning to Trump and pointing the finger at him, saying he is cold-hearted, anti-Muslim, and hateful.

But Franklin Graham, who has also been heavily criticized for supporting the ban, says that protecting your country and helping hurt people are not mutually exclusive. Here, in a recent Facebook post, Graham illustrates how you can love both the persecuted and your enemy, while also protecting your family and compatriots.



Graham shares that he and his organization treat both ISIS fighters and victims, following the model of the Good Samaritan, but that doesn't mean he wants to let every ISIS fighter into America!

"That would be crazy," says Graham. "Taking time to vet who we’re allowing to enter America isn’t too much to ask—we need to know who they are. God does tell us to help the stranger and those in need; but God doesn’t tell us to expose our cities, homes, and lives to hostile people."

Graham cites Israel's own example as a biblical defense for strong walls and immigration laws. "Remember, Jerusalem had walls and gates, and when they had a threat, the gates were closed."

Finally, Graham reminds us that many Muslim groups are extremely anti-American. "Many Muslim groups have made no secret of their deep and deadly hatred for this country. There is a fundamental incompatibility between Islam’s Sharia law and our Constitution and Bill of Rights," he warned.

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